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Volunteer driver Tony Juras in bus driver's seat
Tony Juras – Volunteer driver*

Following his career as a truck driver, Tony found himself bored after entering retirement. He came across an advertisement in the Manly Daily that caught his attention; Easylink were recruiting volunteer bus drivers. 5 ½ years on, Tony has become a valued member of the Easylink team. Tony loves being a part of the volunteer program as it has given him an opportunity to combine his love of people with his knowledge of the roads.

“I retired and the very first week, I was bored. It [Easylink] was in the Manly Daily advertising and a week after there I am, which is 5 ½ years ago now and I love every bit of it.”

Over the years, Tony has gotten to know all of his passengers very well and works hard to make sure they are always enjoying themselves. As a driver, the mystery tours are a real highlight for Tony in his job. He finds it a fulfilling experience to see the excitement of the group when they are out and about on the trips he has organised for them.
Tony shares a lot of laughs with his passengers, as they have become more than customers and are now his friends. The connection built with the passengers through volunteering has been the most rewarding aspect of his experience.

Volunteering with Easylink is more than a job for Tony, it’s an opportunity to get involved with the community, creating strong connections and share fun experiences with new people.

*Tony also now works and volunteers with us!

Barbara at Easylink volunteer Xmas party
Barbara Horsman – volunteer bus assistant

No longer venturing into the city on the early morning bus, Barbara took up volunteering at Easylink. Having first joined in 1999, Barbara is a helper on the fortnightly mystery drive, in which she has travelled with the same group for the past 8 years.

Barbara enjoys these outings and getting to know the members of the group, who each have their own interesting stories to share. Alongside her fellow Easylink staff, Barbara takes pride in providing her passengers with smooth and interesting journeys to new places.

“It makes life much more interesting and satisfying knowing that we all enjoy seeing one another every two weeks and I enjoy the companionship, friendliness and gratitude of all the people volunteers and clients.”

Easylink has given Barbara the impetus to be active and aware of the special quality of life that volunteering has allowed her to provide for people. Barbara values the opportunity Easylink has given her to give back to her community and meet new people, both volunteers and client.

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