Hospital and medical shuttles

We’ll take you there – with care

Looking for transport to your local doctor, hospital or the lower north shore?

Whether you’re looking to get to your local health facility, or perhaps looking to visit the lower north shore for shopping or to see a specialist, our shuttles will get you there.

Wheelchair accessible options available on request.

or call us on 02 9919 0700

Where do our shuttles go?

Lower north shore area, including Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) and Mater.

We also go to the Northern Beaches hospital under our individual transport service.

When do our services run?

Our shuttles run from Monday to Friday.

We’ll take you door to door

We’ll take you door to door, or for our north shore shuttle, we can meet you at one of our pick up points – find out more below.

How to Book

Book online now or call 02 9919 0700

Register as a first timer user

Know where you are going

Lower north shore shuttle fees

Subsidised passengers

If you’re registered with My Aged Care, transport disadvantaged temporarily or permanently, the cost for our shuttle services are as follows:

Lower north shore shuttle including Royal North Shore and Mater hospitals

$20 each way up to Narrabeen Bridge
$25 each way up to Newport
$30 each way from North Newport

Private or package passengers

If you have a Home Care Package or NDIS plan, or wish to use our services without having to register with government agencies, you are welcome to use these shuttle services for an additional $20.

Cancellation fees

Late cancellations incur a $5 fee. In the case of a no-show, a fee of $10 is payable.

Shuttle timetable

The shuttle provides transport to Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH), St. Leonards, Chatswood and other Lower North Shore destinations.

Pick up & drop off times

9.45am – RNSH (St. Leonards)
10.00am – Mater
11.25am – Chatswood
11.45am – RNSH (St. Leonards)
12.00pm – Mater
1.45pm – RNSH (St. Leonards)
1.50pm – Mater
2.00pm – Chatswood
3.15pm – Mater
3.30pm – RNSH (St. Leonards)
3.45pm – Chatswood

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