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Do you need help learning how to travel on public transport?

Our travel training can help you get the confidence and skills you need to use public transport safely and independently.

Our travel trainers are experts in teaching the use of public transport to people of all ages, regardless of the challenges they face. We specialise in teaching people with any type of disability, such as intellectual disability, autism, anxiety, learning delays, mental health issues, cerebral palsy and mobility issues. All of our travel trainers are paid staff.

How does it work?

Travel training is a free service for everyone, even if you have NDIS funding. You are eligible for up to 9 hours of face-to-face training, or 3 or 4 training sessions, at no cost.

We train people in navigating the public transport network, as well as in strategies for dealing with emergencies and safe road crossing.

Your travel trainer will discuss your public transport needs, plan the best route and accompany you on practice trips, with further sessions if you need them.

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What can I learn?

Whether you want to travel to school, work, study or see friends, our services can help you develop the skills needed to use public transport on these journeys. Things you can learn about include:

  • Catching trains, buses and ferries
  • Using an Opal card
  • How to plan trips
  • Which service to catch
  • When and where to get on and off
  • Accessible services
  • Travelling safely
  • Strategies to deal with difficulties
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Using transport apps

Who is travel training for?

A service for adults and children 10 years and older, living in the Northern Sydney region. Travel training is for anyone who does not have the confidence, information or experience to use public transport on their own. You may be:

  • A person with a disability
  • Attending school, study, training or work
  • Driving less or no longer driving
  • An older person
  • A migrant or refugee
  • Of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
  • Financially disadvantaged.

If English isn’t your first language, a free interpreter can be arranged to accompany us on the training.

A local service

For northern Sydney residents, including:

Hunters Hill
Lane Cove
Northen beaches

Registered NDIS provider

Easylink is a registered NDIS provider of public transport travel training and transport solutions. If you require more travel training beyond the free allocated 9 hours, we can assist you with more training sessions, funded from your NDIS plan. See the funding table on our NDIS transport page.

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