Earlier this month,  author of ‘Thrown to the wolves’ and Easylink customer, Ron Buckridge, sent in the following letter:

As someone nearly the mid-80s with the increasing need to visit doctors and hospitals, I have used Easylink as often as the high demand for their services would allow.

Management guru, Tom Peters, in his early books, wrote about a ‘Passion for Excellence’ and ‘going the extra mile in attributing success to some major companies.

The staff members at Easylink have always, in my experience, been pleasant, courteous, efficient and effective. Yet that does not begin to explain the real interest, attention to detail, and the pleasant manner in which they care for all, but especially their old and sick passengers. Perhaps the following simple example may explain. I was booked in for a series of tests at Royal North Shore Hospital and arranged to return home on the last Easylink service for that day. Additional tests were deemed necessary, and although ‘racing’, on my walker towards the front entrance of the hospital, I was about five minutes ‘late’.

But there coming towards me was the lady driver of that bus. With a smile she advised I would not be left there at the end of the day and to find my own way home. There was not the slightest hint of reproach in her voice. You may say “So what!” But would any other transport service even wait beyond their allotted time-table? But that ‘uncommon practice’ is, in my experience, standard service with Easylink.

It’s often said “Nice guys finish last.” That adage certainly doesn’t apply to staff at Easylink. Additional funding now allows them to reach their full potential: larger premises, more buses, extra staff, clip-boards replaced by high-tech facilities mean drivers can see at a glance the total demands of their day. These provide just some improvements in their new found abilities to maximise service and potential.

I look forward to more days with Easylink and must now investigate their list of special ‘social outings’ to interesting destinations. Yes, it’s a totally, well-deserved, local transport success story!

Ron Buckridge, Manly Vale.

Thank you Ron! Our volunteers and staff really appreciate your kind words.